Down the Hole (DTH) Hammers

Carlos M. Rosa Lda produces the most efficient drilling hammers (DTH), built for the most diverse applications: water drilling, construction, mines etc. Our technology and unique design gives to our drilling hammers high performance, in various types of formations.

The valve system of our hammers is essential for efficient DTH drilling: increase the compressed air power delivered to the bit, providing efficient utilization of the air and reducing the service requirements. Our technology minimizes turbulence and backflow, allowing the piston to transfer more energy to the bit and hit the bit harder. That means faster penetration rates and more productivity.

The components of the DTH hammers are heat treated to provide better wear resistance, even in hardest conditions, increasing the service life of the internal components.

Our hammers have reversible wear sleeve, allowing the use of the opposite side of it, when the first side of the wear sleeve is wear, give to our hammers longer service life.

All manufacturing processes are done by us, which gives to our customers total trust on our products.

Choose Carlos M. Rosa Lda DTH Hammers is sign of satisfaction and quality.



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